Charles Barkley cites Unlikely player as one of NBA’s best players

Charles Barkley

Throughout 2024, the Oklahoma City Thunder have been outstanding in the NBA playoffs. They have benefited from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s rise to prominence as MVP contender, but they also have a few young players who can cause havoc day in and day out.

Jalen “Dub” Williams is one of such celebrities. One of the league’s most underappreciated players is the Santa Clara prospect. In addition to having a strong offensive game at all three places, he is a powerful presence on the defensive end.

Charles Barkley, an NBA analyst, thinks Williams is already among the league’s finest players. Despite being young in his career, NBA legends like Barkley are paying close attention to him.

In the NBA playoffs’ second round, the Thunder are currently ahead of the Dallas Mavericks.

Though most of the praise will go to Gilegous-Alexander and Chet Holmgren, Williams has left a significant impression on a championship contender.

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