Tennessee baseball remains confident despite the possibility of losing to the College World Series. “We’re not new to this.”

Omaha, Nebraska — This season, Tennessee baseball has dropped three series openers. They have won the series each time by coming back stronger.

Tennessee had some good results despite losing 9–5. One of those advantages is the team’s confidence going into a win-or-go-home situation on Sunday after having played those games.

Pitcher AJ Causey commented, “We’re not new to this; we’ve done it before.” in reference to his team’s capacity to recover ahead of Sunday. “Undoubtedly, we possess some of the top hitters in the nation.” Yes, we have experience with this.

One could dwell on the team’s four-run disadvantage heading into the championship game, but head coach Tony Vitello chose to emphasize the competitive side of things.

“There’s a reason you welcome competition as the season progresses,” Vitello remarked. It will improve you in a number of ways. You learn how to react in various ways, and you have two options: you either get more motivated or become frustrated that tonight didn’t go as planned. And there are several of our men who have demonstrated it when play and determination pick up.

Tennessee exploited the Aggie bullpen, stringing together 12 hits. Texas A&M had a hot Evan Aschenbeck in the bullpen earlier in the game, but with the score close, they sat him down. Head coach Jim Schlossnagle had to employ Aschenbeck after home runs by Dylan Dreiling and Hunter Ensley in the eighth inning.

Although the shutdown lefty’s performance went well, Vitello was reminded of the NCAA Super Regionals when Evansville was pushed deep into its bullpen during game two.

“That Evansville game was a little bit good for us, crazy as it is,” Vitello remarked. You won’t be able to go on a streak for very long this time of year. Additionally, I believe that there are some things you need to be reminded to do on occasion. It was comparable to how the Evansville game had affected us. We were practically touching it. We had the opportunity to view what was in the bullpen.

Having saying that, the Aggies had choices in the arm department when they got this far.

Vitello remarked, “A&M has some guys that are unused.” “I doubt they’ve even named a starter for tomorrow.” Although they won’t run out of guys, knowing who you’ll be up against and continuing the fight are undoubtedly helpful. Ideally, you are competing in three rounds. Additionally, when you’re done, each inning has some significance.

To make sure the season doesn’t end on Sunday, Tennessee still has some work to do. But to start Game 2, they had ace Drew Beam toeing the rubber in their favor.

“Whenever he gets to toss for us, we like it. Since his first year, it’s kind of been that way, Vitello said. The rest of the squad in the dugout usually benefits when your leaders exhibit the proper qualities. He’s a competitive but selfless young man. That has permeated the whole of the dugout, particularly among the younger players like (Dylan) Loy who have picked up knowledge from him.

Sunday at 2 p.m. ET, Beam and Vitello will compete on the diamond, and a victory would maintain their hopes of winning the championship.

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