Jasmine Paolini vs Elise Mertens Forecast, odds, and selections at WTA Eastbourne 2024

On Wednesday, Elise Mertens and Jasmine Paolini will play in the round of 16 of the WTA Eastbourne tournament.

Dimers’ sophisticated tennis model (see Dimers Pro for full access) projects Elise Mertens as the match’s most likely winner based on the most recent simulation outcomes.

Greg Butyn, a statistical analyst for Dimers, stated, “We have simulated the outcome of Wednesday’s Mertens-Paolini match 10,000 times.”

“With the latest updates and numerous other variables, we estimate Elise Mertens’ chance of winning at 53%, with Jasmine Paolini at 47%.”

Updates and Crucial Information on Mertens vs. Paolini
Elise Mertens and Jasmine Paolini’s WTA Eastbourne match is set to begin on Wednesday at 5:00 AM ET.

Who: Jasmine Paolini vs. Elise Mertens
Date: June 26, 2024, Wednesday
Time estimate: 2:00 AM PT/5:00 AM ET
Competition: Women’s Singles WTA Eastbourne, Great Britain 2024
Round: 16-person round
Unless otherwise specified, all times and dates in this article are in United States Eastern Time.

The complete preview of Mertens vs. Paolini on Wednesday can be seen on Dimers.com, along with our picks, the most recent betting odds, and our prediction.

See Dimers Pro’s most recent tennis predictions and betting tips before selecting an Elise Mertens vs. Jasmine Paolini lineup.

Mertens vs. Paolini: Which Will Come Out on Top?
As part of our tennis picks coverage, we have 10,000 times simulated the outcome of Wednesday’s Mertens-Paolini women’s singles match using reliable machine learning and data analysis.

At the WTA Eastbourne tournament, Mertens has a 53% chance of defeating Paolini according to our top prediction model.

Furthermore, based on our model, Mertens has a 53% chance of defeating Paolini in the opening set.

In summary
Elise Mertens is our pick to win the WTA Eastbourne tournament over Jasmine Paolini, with a 53% chance of doing so.

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