Conor Davies – “I won’t answer that”

conor davies

After winning the Los Angeles Kings in five games, the Oilers will have a lengthy vacation until their next series schedule is revealed. Everyone is aware that they will play the Vancouver Canucks, which should be an interesting series to say the least.

Everyone is in “playoff mode,” with the exception of Connor McDavid. That basically means that they aren’t thinking about the past; instead, they are concentrated on the upcoming day and game.

Nobody is deviating from the average – neither too high nor too low. That makes the Oilers practice from yesterday seem not so strange.

When asked if “you or them” was to blame for the outcome of the regular season’s opening night matchup against the Canucks, McDavid replied, “it was so long ago.” He then gives a shaking of the head, searching for something to say before deciding, “I’m not even going to answer that, that was so long ago.”

When asked if the Canucks had seen their best against the Oilers thus far, McDavid responded, “I could sit here and say all I want, ultimately we’re going to play a series and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

“They’re a great team – we’re a good team, it’ll be a good series.”

It’s obvious that McDavid and the Oilers don’t give it much thought, even if they are aware of the history and how the season ended. They are contemplating the aspects of their game that require attention.

They are considering the important issues at hand as, whatever transpired on opening night, it was necessary to address it back then and is most definitely not necessary now.

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