Chelsea Next Manager Revealed: Enzo Maresca, Sebastian Hoeness, Thomas Frank, Kieran McKenna

Chelsea Next Manager

Sebastian Hoeness, Thomas Frank, Kieran McKenna and Sebastian Hoeness are among Chelsea’s managerial candidates after the sack of Mauricio Pochettino.

The announcement that Mauricio Pochettino was leaving Chelsea came as a surprise at first. However, if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, the Argentine had been setting the stage for his departure for a while.

The overt jabs at Paul Winstanley and Laurence Stewart, the insinuations that this “wasn’t his team,” and the trite remark that his exit “wouldn’t be the end of the world” all suggested that this was a man who wasn’t happy with his job. And Chelsea officially ended this story on Tuesday, announcing that Pochettino would be leaving.

The Telegraph claims that disagreements over the team’s future course are the causes of this breakup. In essence, Pochettino demanded more authority over happenings at the club, something Chelsea refused to grant him.

The Blues are now searching for his replacement despite their fantastic finish to the season. The decision to part ways with Pochettino has only recently been approved, so nothing is official yet, but a number of names have already been connected to the position. Here are some of the leading contenders to succeed him at Stamford Bridge below.

Sebastian Hoeness

Sebastien Hoeness

Until this season, Hoeness was an unknown name outside of German football. But because of his success with Stuttgart this season, he has been connected to a number of elite teams. He first joined the Bundesliga team in April 2023, and he was instrumental in getting them out of the bottom half of the standings and into the relegation play-off, which they won over Hamburg.

However, he has exceeded all expectations this season, leading Stuttgart to an incredible second-place result. They even outscored Bayern Munich in points scored. Hoeness, at 42, undoubtedly matches the age range Chelsea appears to be considering, yet the arrival of a manager of such low stature would undoubtedly not sit well with the Chelsea supporters.

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

In the realm of football, no manager divides opinions quite like the Special One. Whatever your opinion of Mourinho’s managerial prowess in the current era, it doesn’t appear like Boehly and company will offer him a third spell at Stamford Bridge this summer.

The Blues are searching for a coach who can help them develop a distinct identity. Mourinho, who is 61 years old, is the complete opposite. Don’t discount this return entirely, though, since Chelsea’s board never ceases to astonish. For his part, Mourinho would undoubtedly be intrigued.

Max Allegri

Max Allegri

Allegri appears to embody the “old guard” of managers that Chelsea appears determined to eschew under their current ownership, much like Mourinho does. Although the Italian has an impressive trophy collection, he has never really been a football entertainer, and his most recent stint at Juventus ended badly.

Though his players generally appreciate him, Chelsea may find value in having a unifying figure like this given the likelihood of more churn during the summer transfer window.

Roberto De Zerbi

Not long after the Italian declared he had no plans to leave the south coast, Brighton shocked the Premier League by revealing De Zerbi’s resignation a few days before Chelsea dropped their managerial bombshell. Fatigue undoubtedly plays a part in the Seagulls’ lackluster performance from his initial season, but if they’re looking for an exciting identity, he might be the one.

Having said that, it’s hard to see De Zerbi never getting into a fight with anyone in a higher position at the club. He’s never been one to back down from a fight when unhappy, and the board may be searching for someone who is more receptive to their ideas for the team.

Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate

No matter how well England does at Euro 2024, it’s unlikely that Southgate will remain in his position after the competition. This suggests that, given the recent strong links to Manchester United, he may be considering a summer comeback to the club game.

The Three Lions manager may now be considered by Chelsea as well. Considering all the commotion that is expected to unfold in the upcoming months, his statesmanlike traits would be much appreciated at Stamford Bridge; but, serious concerns still surround his tactical competence, especially at pivotal moments. However, he doesn’t like to cause trouble, thus he ought to be open to cooperating with the two sporting directors of the team. That will please Boehly.


Michel’s remarkable campaign at Girona has thrust him into the spotlight. The team owned by City Football Group leads La Liga by an incredible margin at the halfway stage and is certain to finish third, guaranteeing them a spot in the Champions League for the first time ever.

The Spaniard has a lot to be happy about about his season at Girona, but Chelsea would be a huge step up for him. His team has great ball control, and it’s obvious that he’s an amazing coach because a number of players have surpassed their predetermined ceilings in recent months.

Enzo Maresca

Enzo Maresca

Leicester overcame a concerning end-of-season slump under Maresca’s direction to win the Championship and guarantee a spot back in the Premier League right away. He’s an interesting guy tactically, and his side’s unapologetically fluid approach makes them a compelling possibility.

Given the Foxes’ financial difficulties, it is highly likely that the Italian would consider an offer from a west London company. But he would have an uphill struggle to win over the Stamford Bridge crowd, as is the case with so many individuals on this list. This season, however, his rather plodding manner wasn’t always well-liked by Leicester supporters.

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank

Frank’s standing as a reliable player endures despite Brentford’s first subpar Premier League season to date. Brentford has been a strong team under the Dane, but Ivan Toney’s play prior to the current season suggests he can also get the most out of elite forwards.

Frank, though, is arguably not the right choice for Chelsea if they want this next appointment to feel truly thrilling. He seems like a far too rational option for the Blues to ever really take into account.

Kieran McKenna

This season, McKenna’s Ipswich not only managed an incredible Championship promotion, but they also played brilliant football. Brighton is reportedly very interested in hiring the former Manchester United coach, who is currently regarded as one of the top coaches in England, to replace De Zerbi.

However, would Chelsea’s foray into the managerial race cause a snag in the plan? It would undoubtedly be the audacious choice that the Blues appear to be seeking, but it will undoubtedly be difficult to persuade the fans of this. McKenna has never even held a Premier League managerial position.

Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel

As soon as Chelsea announced Pochettino’s departure, supporters took to social media to call for Tuchel to return. He led the Blues to a shock Champions League victory in 2021, so it’s hardly surprising that he’s still in high demand.

But does everyone benefit from his return? It’s obvious that Tuchel wants a degree of control over the game that he might not get under Stamford Bridge’s current setup. Reappointing him would help allay some of the animosity that has grown in west London over the past few years, despite his impressive record.

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